Configure runAssembler for Eclipse

Option 1:
From the Eclipse Run -> External Tools - >External Tools configurations

You can see an option 'Program' on the left pane.Right click 'Program' and create New,Give a name, eg: Fullfillment.

Enter the location of the runAssembler.bat file
Refer screenshot below.

Enter the working directory,ideally this will be the
place where you need to install your .ear,.war files in the exploded format (C:\jboss-eap-5.0\jboss-as\server\Fullfillment\deploy).
Give  arguments,this will be  the ear file name and the
modules(your ATG module) and required modules to start the Deployment.

Fullfillment.ear -m  Fullfillment DSS DafEar DafEar.Admin


Option 2:

Alternatively,open the cmd prompt ,go to the path
type the command -> runAssembler Fullefillment.ear -m  Fullfillment DSS DafEar DafEar.Admin

Option 3:

Third option is to configure an Ant script to assemble you ear like the example given below.


<taskdef onerror="report" name="assemble-jar"  classname="atg.appassembly.ant.CreateUnpackedEarTask"  classpath="C:/ATG/ATG10.0.3/home/lib/assembler.jar"/>

   <echo level="debug">Starting EAR Creation.</echo>

<target name="create-my-ear">
<assemble-jar overwrite="true" serverName="${target.server}" destinationFile="${production.ear.location}" dynamoModules="${assemble.modules}" dynamoRoot="${dynamo.root}"/>


target.server - Your Server (eg:ATGProduction)
production.ear.location - Your Ear file(eg:ATGProduction.ear)
assemble.modules - Your require modules(eg:Fullfillment,DSS,DafEar DafEar.Admin)
dynamo.root - C:\\ATG\\ATG10.0.3

You can also see how to 
Configure your ATG Server on Jboss


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