Endeca Set Of Questions and Answers to test your Knowledge

What  are the components that  make up the ITL transformation layer ?

a: Forge Dgidx
c: CAS Experience Manager
d: CAS Workbench

Ans: a

What is the component  which convert document and files to endeca souce property ?

a: Experience  Manager

c: Deveoloper Studio
d: CAS

Ans: d

Source Data can come from Text files,Database,Filesystems and Websites


Ans: true

You can update the index by one of the following

a: fraction update
b: modular update
c: baseline update
d: input update

Ans: c

Which process assigns auto generated dimension values

a: workbench
b: forge
c: mdex
d: application server

Ans: b

What are the possible data types of endeca property

a: Date Time

b: Integer
c: Alpha
d: Floating Point
e: All The Above 


How many data sources a record can map

a: One
b: One or Many
c: Upto 5
d: It cannot be possible to map

Ans: e

which one of the following is not a match mode

a: Generic
b: Normal
c: Must Match
d: Auto Generate 

Ans: a

A Synonym groups multiple source field values into a single dimension value so that navigation on any of the Synonyms return all records associated with those Synonyms

a: True
b: False

Ans: a

Dimensions hierarchies are limited to five nested levels

a: True
b: False

Ans: b

What is the purpose of a promote button in the Developer Studio

a: It converts the AutoGen DimVals to Manual DimVals
b: It converts the Manual DimVals to AutoGen DimVals
c: It enable you to convert both ways(from Manual DimVals to AutoGen DimVals and also AutoGen DimVals to Manual DimVals
d: None of the above(Promote is used for property values only.)

Ans: a 

For the same dimension,you can have both manual and auto-generated dimension values.

a: true
b: false

Ans: a 

In a given dimension ,you can assign different bound(data)types to range
dimension values.

a: True
b: False

Ans: a 

What are not manual dimensions in the list given below

a: Sift
b: Limited Lists
d: Range

Ans: a 

You must be cautious while editing the Stemming.xml  File,because this is a File which is Global in  Endeca directory  ,it affects all applications running on that Machine

a: True
b: False

Ans: a 

What are all the  Spell Correct Options

a: Did You Mean
b: Dictionary Pruning
c: Auto Correct


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