ATG Implementation Developer Essential Certifications Reference

I have taken the Certification and cleared it ,Following are the few questions and answers i can recollect.Hope this would help you to prepare for the Certifications to some Extend.All the best for the Certifications.

Which two ASE tasks can be performed by ACC but not BCC

Ans :Scenarios,Slots,Workflow

Role of allocateItemRelQuantitychain

Ans :To purchase item from Preorder Backorder and the Avaialble Stock Ininvetory

How many current and saved orders does ATG allows fora User Profile
Ans :One current Order and Collection of Saved Orders

What is a Reanimated Order
Ans :Previously Abandoned Order in which user has added items or modified the item quantities

What are the properties we need to add in the Versioned schema for Primary tables and Auxiliary tables
Ans :asset_version in both Primary and Auxiliary tables,other 7 columns in Primary tables

What component should a shareable component register with
Ans :sitegroup

If you want to update the Computed Catalogs and Parent Catalogs properties of a Product which Service should you use
Ans :AncestorGeneratorService

How to Disable ATG OOTB funcitionality  of Persisting Cart
Ans :ShoppingCart.persistOrders = false

What does childproduct property of an item category contain
Ans :fixedChildProducts and computedChildProducts

What will happen if addItem() has never called afer createItem()
Ans :Item will be in memory and  not persisted

Which component are the different stages of ShoppingProcess in ATG is defined
Ans :ShoppingOrderConfiguration

What are the three methods in ItemPriceCalculator
Ans :priceitem,priceitems,priceeachitem

What are the three methods of ATG OOTB RepositoryFormHandler
Ans :create,update and delete

If there is a Business Requirement to show only three items in Slot,how will we do that
Ans :Limit the number of items in the Slot,Define the Limit property in the Targeter

What is the purpose of TabletInfo Component
Ans :Layout of the table,get information about Headers

What is the propety in Customer Profile which contains the list PromotionStatus Repository Items
Ans :activePromotions

What xmls laoded by Product Catalog
Ans :All xmls sepecified in the xml definition of ProductCatalog component will be loaded

How does a  developer preserve request scope
Ans : a_request parameter as hidden variable

Which 3 pricing engines shold set the Qualifier class to determine which object should do discount
Ans :Item,Order and Shipping

Best Option to display content of Open Parameter in Droplet
Ans :request.serviceParameter

Item Descriptors which are subtypes of Media Item

Ans :media external,media internal text,media internal binary

Repository stores information about converted Orders

Ans :abandlonedOrderLogRepository

Share Gift List across sites

Ans :gifltListManager.sitescope=all

When a Stock level reaches a threshold 

Ans :an event is generated

Which FormHandler and Droplet is used to Approve or Reject an order in pendng_approval State
Ans :ApprovaFormHandler,ApprovalRequiredDroplet

Two ways in which Nucleus can be configured
Ans :Through Property Files or through Component Configuration in ACC

Each daatabase operation is automatically wrapped in a transacation type of

Ans :supports

What are the different Component Scopes
Ans :Request,Session,Global,Window,Protocol

How do we prevent Inventory Deadlocks in database

Ans :From the InventoryManager Component we have a acquireInventoryLock() and releaseInventoryLock () methods to prevent the Deadlocks

If both siteScope and SiteIds are defined 

Ans :siteScope property is ignored

Scope of GiftList Search Component

Ans :GiftList Search Component is Session scoped

Defaults Sharing behaviour of userProfiles 

Ans : It is shared across all Sites
Orderfullfuller and Hardgood FullFiller uses Client Lock Manager

Ans :To prevent one component for processing messages for two different Orders at same time

Remove a Profile Marker from Profile

Ans :Use scenario with tin- "Remove markers from profile" action

Full Deployment in Production 
Ans :Full deployment will flush the Data/Assets ,Deploy it  in a passive database, Switch, then to other database

Multisite how to determine request is associated

Ans :Sticky Site Parameter,Domain,Path
Best options to  implement a custom FormHandler is to extend

Ans :GenericFormhandler,EmptyFormHandler,TansactionFormHandler

Querty types not supported in SQLRepository

Ans :includesAll,indexof,elementAt


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